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Tags tumblr, phineas and ferb, candace, exploitable "MOM holy fuck" is a" featured in a fan-drawn comic inspired.

Disney 's animated children's TV show, phineas and Ferb, wherein the character Candace kicks a door open and yells the phrase in an over-the-top manner.

Tumblr in June 2013, the illustration has been parodied with dozens of characters from other well-known fictional universes, quite similar to the development of the "It's Goofy Time" parodies.

Origin, on June 21st 2013, Tumblr user Juniorbizarre uploaded a hand-drawn parody comic as a tribute.

Phineas and Ferb, directly scanned from the blogger's personal sketchbook.

In the series, the older sister of the main characters, Cadance, tries to tell their mother of her brother's exploits, while in the fan comic many of the common features of episodes in the series are parodies or overblown.

This posted gained over 275,000 notes in two years.

On June 28th of the same year, Juniorbizzare later posted the full comic in its entirety and said "this was just a silly thing i did quite a while ago to make myself laugh :D im so glad other people think its funny too omg".

The artist also has also called it the "crumpets comic" in reference to yet another odd" featured in the same comic.

Spread, on November 20th, 2014 Tumblr user Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuurdock uploaded a version they had made from an anonymous request about the-then upcoming.

Marvel movie, avengers: Age of Ultron.

Later that same day, Robert Downey., the American actor well-known for his portrayal of Tony Stark and the superhero alter ego "Iron Man".

The Avengers, reblogged this image with the caption "The most accurate portrayal of Tony in Age of Ultron I've seen" and attribution to the original Tumblr blog on his.

The post garnered over 178,000 likes in less than one year.

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