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Stepmom seduces son
: Future Husband, bF: Depending on context can mean either Boyfriend, Birthfather/Biological Father, or not as commonly Blended Family.

BM: Biological Mother/Birth Mother, hCBM: High Conflict Bio/Birth Mother, tM: The Mom or Their Mom.

SK(s) or skids: Stepkid(s fSK(s) or FSKids: Future Stepkid(s sS: Stepson, sD: Depending on context can mean either Stepdaughter or StepDad.

BD: Depending on context can mean either Birthdaughter or BirthDad.

BS: BirthSon, sF: Depending on context can mean either Stepfather or Stepfamily.

CS/CSO: Child Support / Child Support Order.

CPS: Child Protective Services, cO: Court Order, cA: Custody Agreement, eOW: Every other week.

Eowe: Every other weekend, cP: Custodial Parent, nCP: Non Custodial Parent, pAS: Parent Alienation Syndrome.

Sahsm: Stay at Home Stepmom tOW: The other Women TOM: The other Mom GP, GM, GF: Grandparents GAL: Guardian Ad Litem MIL: Mother in Law xmil: Ex Mother in Law JMO: Just my Opinion imho: In my Honest/Humble Opinion.

Most abbreviations with #s after, for example SS15 / BM35, indicates a child/person's age.

Stepson is 15/Birthmom is 35 smilf.

Haha just being funny, if you don't get it, look it up online.

Queen of Hearts, are You The Stepmom of A Motherless Child?

My Nacho Experiences, stepMom Magazine The June 2019 Issue.

Lisa Claudette EP1 SPY_Medium, stepMom Magazine The March 2019 Issue.

StepMom Magazine The February 2019 Issue.

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