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Kannada sex new story

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Kannada sex new story
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This a Story of a cruel Kannada house owner how she was fucked by me in different sessions and in different ways in her own house.

Hello All, It has been a long time since I pen down a sex story from my life, apologies for that 1st.

Got really busy with my personal life and other commitments.

A small intro about me for all, I am a 30-year-old male married and working in a good company in Bangalore.

I relocated to Bangalore 1 year back and when searching for a rented apartment to settle down in Bangalore, after many options I found a good place in KR puram Bangalore.

The apartment was a newly constructed one and was good and a big one in size for rent of 14K, the house owner who is the heroine of this story is a Kannada lady who is married and has a 6-year-old daughter.

To give you a point of reference she looks almost like Kannada heroine Rashmika Mandanna but little more on the heavier side, But the fat in all right places.

Her face looks rude and is a cruel lady who came to know later only.

Trusting her and by the good looks of the house, I paid the advance and confirmed the house and moved in there.

Almost 5 months went by with any issues in the events between me and the house-owner also I was living with my family hence the options of any try is very less if you know what I mean.

Starting of 6th month Rashmika (Let us call her that itself) started to give problems to us, asking us to look for a different apartment for rent because she is planning to less this and the new owner would occupy the same.

I was very pissed off that only 5 months since we moved in apartment spending for transport etc and we are new the city and are still settling down and this bitch is asking us to relocate so soon.

Since she also used to live with her parents and family in the same flat in a different apartment, she uses to come to our house uninvited many times and ask about the dates when we are packing and all.

Sometimes she will come with unknown people to show the apartment for sales and would disturb us off.

One such Sunday I was fucking my wife hardcore and my dick was in its full length as it has been 20 mins and I was about to come soon.

My dick in full length would.5 to 7 and 3 thick.

There a was a doorbell and we thought we will finish our session and would open, But Rashmika was going on with the doorbell.

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