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different paths to take.

Sasha says, Ill take the middle.

Winter says, Ill take the first path on the left.

Gerald says, Well, Ill take one of the other two paths, can we all meet back here and then we can explore the last path together.

Please be safe you two.

Lets make it back here alive.

Winter turns and heads down the farthest path on the left, (Its been a while since shes felt this alone) she thinks to herself as she keeps walking down the path, strangely this tunnel is illuminated in small, blue glowing mushrooms.

The light they give off isnt very much, but its enough to keep the darkness at bay a little bit, and enough to see.

Instead of the dark being pitch black, its just dusky now.

Shes staring in wonder at the small stalagmites on the ceiling, and smaller ones that come out of the walls, she touches one of the mushrooms on the wall, and it starts to glow a bright blue, illuminating.

She backs away from the wall and turns to head back down the tunnel.

She steps on a rock, instead of it pushing into the bottom of her boot like a normal rock would, it depresses into the ground and becomes level with the tunnel floor.

Suddenly, there is an impossibly loud scraping noise.

She turns and looks behind her, and where moments ago there was just a tunnel floor, now there was a huge ice wall rising out of the ground.

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