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their threats, I can't see Democrats resorting to a filibuster.

It's too bad, I've been wanting to go to Cuba for years, and I have a honeymoon coming.

But a 250,000 fine isn't my idea of a romantic wedding gift.

The president's statement on this (which unfortunately I can't find in a story at the moment) was that Americans who travel to cuba and spend dollars there are prolonging the pain of the Cuban people.

I take this to mean that our policy is basically to starve them out of subjection.

Forget for a moment the fact that this policy hasn't worked in 40 years, that it hasn't worked in the dprk, or in Iraq for that matter, where it was widely condemned before we finally had to get violent.

But some US farmers actually have trade deals in Cuba - by this metric, aren't they also prolnging the Cuban people's pain?

And they're subsidized too!

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