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Maturen tube
animal forms: a mature rose bush.

Ripe, as fruit, or fully aged, as cheese or wine.

Fully developed in body or mind, as a person: She was a mature woman who took her family responsibilities seriously.

Noting or pertaining to an adult who is middle-aged or older (used euphemistically discrimination against mature applicants.

Pertaining to or characteristic of full development: a mature appearance; fruit with a mature softness.

Completed, perfected, or elaborated in full by the mind: mature plans.

(of an industry, technology, market, etc.) no longer developing or expanding; having little or no potential for further growth or expansion; exhausted or saturated.

Intended for or restricted to adults, especially by reason of explicit sexual content or the inclusion of violence or obscene language: mature movies.

Composed of adults, considered as being less susceptible than minors to explicit sexual content, violence, or obscene language, as of a film or stage performance: for mature audiences only.

Having reached the limit of its time; having become payable or due: a mature bond.

Having attained definitive form or function, as by maturation of an epithelium from a basal layer.

Having attained the end stage of a normal or abnormal biological process: a mature boil.

(of a landscape) exhibiting the stage of maximum topographical diversity, as in the cycle of erosion of a land surface.

Verb (used with object matured, maturing.

To make mature; ripen, as fruit or cheese.

To bring to full development: His hard experiences in the city matured him.

To complete or perfect: We matured our vision for the company.

She matured her songwriting throughout her career.

Verb (used without object matured, maturing.

To become mature; ripen, as fruit or cheese.

To come to full development: Our plans have not yet matured.

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