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Sexin bedroom

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Sexin bedroom
my day, indeed!

T-Rex: *gasp* T-Rex: What's that, little house?

You wish you were back in your own time?

That IS TOO BAD FOR YOU T-Rex: Perhaps you too will get a stomping, little girl!

Utahraptor: Is stomping really the answer to your problem(s)?

T-Rex: My only problem(s) have to do with you interrupting my stomping!

T-Rex: (in small text) crazy utahraptor!

P?comic10 utaught me how to be a stupid jerk!

T-Rex: I have felt the harsh sting of my own racial joke turned against me!

Luckily, I've been saving a joke for just such an occasion.

T-Rex: All of those hours of thinking up insults for hypothetical enemies has finally paid off!

T-Rex: So, my racist joke somehow backfired.


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