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Grand Slam final, which he did in 2014. .

The 26-year-old is being tabbed as one of the faces of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

The Japanese star renewed his endorsement deal with Uniqlo with the new deal worth more than 10 million annually starting in 2016.

Web of Trust, the company behind WOT, the leading safe surfing tool which helps millions of users stay safe while searching and shopping the web, and Kiosked, the leading in-content ad platform, are partnering together to provide a safe way for online.

WOT reputation data is used to pre-validate websites joining the Kiosked network to improve the safety of online shopping and to ensure the trustworthiness of Kiosked products and services.

Kiosked is a service that turns any online content into a marketplace and makes it possible to monetize on the shopping impulses created everywhere on the web.

People get shopping impulses from online content when they see a good looking lamp, golf glove or t-shirt on a blog, for example, says Kiosked founder and CEO Micke Paqvaln.

Until now, there has been no easy way of buying or getting information about the products they see without having to leave the site to search elsewhere.

When they leave a trusted site, consumers run the risk of visiting sites with dubious reputations.

Kiosked provides consumers with instant access to more information, along with the possibility to make an on- or offline purchase.

Our partnership with WOT ensures that the online shopping experience is a safe one.

As WOTs ratings are powered by the experiences of millions of people around the world, WOT detects problems such as scams and unreliable shops, which automated systems cannot.

To ensure the end-to-end safety and security of each transaction, Kiosked and WOT have jointly created an automated system that reads and acts on reputation ratings calculated from WOT users and the security feeds from 100 internet security companies.


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